Seyed Faramarz Mohajerani: By holding Arak investment opportunities conference, great steps will be taken to create economic prosperity in Arak city

The head of the Investment and People’s Participation Organization of Arak Municipality said regarding the impact of holding this conference:
Certainly, holding the first investment opportunities conference will play an effective role in introducing the economic, industrial and tourism capacities of Arak metropolis and even the province to attract investors, and it will lead to great steps to create economic prosperity and job creation in the region.
Considering the collective determination of the province and the all-round support of the mayor of Arak metropolis to hold a conference on investment opportunities in the near future, the honorable governor of Markazi as the head of the policy council and the honorable mayor as the head of the strategic headquarters of the conference accepted the responsibility.
We are looking to provide an investment package and a part of half-finished projects that can be handed over to the private sector; They will be introduced in this conference in order to attract interested investors.
About 20 investment opportunities in the metropolis of Arak have been determined by frequent meetings with the industry, tourism and international committee of the conference, and we hope to be able to provide excellent services to the noble people of Arak.
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